William Ledger Born 20-12-1826 Kent, England

Died 21-06-1885 Brighton, S Aust.

Mary Ann Wright Born 26-04-1830 Kent, England

Died 15-11-1908 Brighton, S Aust. 

Married 1-04-1847 at Sevenoaks, Kent, England.

All of the children were born at Brighton, South Australia except the first child, Mary Ann, who was born at Albert Town, (Alberton) South Australia. They were all listed under the surname Ledger on the Birth Register.

Mary Ann Jemson Ledger     b.21-12-1849     d.10-05-1928      aged 78yrs.

William Jemson Ledger        b.31-12-1851     d.13-08-1912     aged 61yrs.

Sarah Jemson Ledger            b.5-08-1853       d.14-07-1863   aged 10yrs

Lizzie Jemson Ledger            b.27-03-1855     d.22-10-1905    aged 50yrs

Thirza Jemson Ledger         b.1-01-1857       d.24-04-1858     aged 1yr 4mths   

Everilda Jemson Ledger        b.5-10-1858     d.10-07-1863     aged 4yrs 9mths

Samuel Jemson Ledger         b.22-06-1860      d.27-06-1860   aged 5days

Nellie Jemson Ledger           b.16-10-1861      d.29-09-1948    aged 86yrs

Ada Jemson Ledger              b.30-05-1864      d.03-02-1904   aged 40yrs

Annie Jemson Ledger           b.25-07-1868      d.23-04-1868  aged 1yr 9mths

Edgar Jemson Ledger            b.25-11-1868     d.26-07-1937     aged 68yrs

Kate Jemson Ledger              b.27-10-1870     d.16-03-1871  aged 5months