William and Mary






BORN AT  HALSTEAD  20-12-1826


BORN AT KENT 26-04 -1830

William and Mary Ann Wright arrived in Australia on the 17th November, 1849. They sailed on the Himalaya, which was under the command of Captain R. Langford, which left Plymouth on the 1st August 1849, the same year of their marriage.

Very little is known about both William and Mary Anne, prior to their arrival in Australia, and the only current documentation I have which establishes that they actually came from the England , is their marriage certificate. According to that, Mary Ann’s father, James Wright was deceased at the time of their marriage, and there is no Father recorded for William.

Various reasons have been given for that, the first one being that he was estranged from his family. Another reason which was passed down in the family was that he was an orphan, and was cared for by other family members. However, the most likely explanation has been offered by Averil G. Holt, an Australian historian, whose publication, The Vanishing Sands, states that William was very likely a natural child of Mary Ann Ledger, and a Mr Jemson.

The book, The Vanishing Sands, commemorating 150 years of Brighton, South Australia, was commissioned by the City of Brighton, and contains a biography on William and Mary Ann’s early life in the community of Brighton. Unfortunately, Averil Holt has since passed away, and her extensive research no longer exists.